1v1 Footballs specialises in creating personalised and customised Training and Match quality footballs.


1v1 Personalised Football Prices

We try as hard as we can to pass on savings to you our customer.

That's why once we have everything set up we can reduce the per unit cost of each football we make up to a certain point.

The price of our footballs range from £7.49 to £34.99.

Go to our design page and then create your personalised football, and click on 'ADD TO BAG' where you will find the exact price breakdown for the various quanities of footballs.


If you have a bespoke design which is not one of our template designs, then give us a call and we can help you create the bespoke football design you are wanting.

Call 01433 424 352 and speak to Richard our Head of Creativity.