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Our Pledge-a-Ball initiative has been developed to help Grassroots teams up and down the country with a set of fully personalised quality training and match footballs. Every year teams are fighting a battle to secure funding to help them engage and develop the millions of boys and girls that want to play football. It's common knowledge that teams have been able to secure sponsorship for their team kits, yet the costs of essential equipment has had to come from a variety of self fundraising activities. We think everyone is in total agreement that the most important element is the actual Football, yet teams have been forced to opt for cheap low grade footballs, that don't enthuse a young player, nor last very long. Well, 1v1's Pledge-a-Ball is about to revolutionise how Grassroots teams can source their footballs. We are looking to get local individual and businesses to show their support to their local team of children playing Grassroots football, and fund a set of 1v1 Personalised Footballs for their local School and Grassroots team. Its so simple; The Grassroot Teams simply register for our support.

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