1v1 Footballs specialises in creating personalised and customised Training and Match quality footballs.



We are that confident in the quality of our personalised footballs, that If you are not satisfied, we are happy to offer you a full 100% money-back refund within 7 days.
For us to become the leading provider in footballs, every 1v1 football is made using the best materials available, and we pride ourselves on only offering quality footballs.

Typically all of our footballs use at least a 4 layer compound and hand stitched, which in essence means our footballs will not lose their shape. We do also make Thermally bonded footballs with our top end footballs. We mainly use Butyl bladders and valves which give our footballs greater air retention.

In essence we only make footballs that we would be happy to get out there and play with ourselves.


We have never had any of our footballs returned due to anything regarding the print. In fact our print will more than likely outlast your football. Obvioulsy dont leave it out standing around in direct sunlight

100% Money-back Guarantee
Remember, if you're not happy with the quality of the personalised footballs you order from 1v1, then let us know and we will give you 100% money-back refund. We are so confident in our quality that we have no hesitation in providing you this guarantee.
You can trust in 1v1.
Its not only your first order that we want you to make, its your next order we want you to be making with us.