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Footballs Sizes

It can be confusing knowing which size footballs are recommended for different age groups. For this reason, we’ve written this handy guide! We’ve even included recommended weights and circumferences for sizes 3 and up.

Mini Balls
Age Group: 0 – 3 Years

Mini/Size 2 Footballs
Age Group: 3 – 6

Size 3 Footballs
Age Group: Under 6s – Under 9s
Weight: 280 – 340g
Circumference: 58 – 61cm

Size 4 Footballs
Age Group: Under 10s – Under 14s
Weight: 340 – 390g
Circumference: 63.5 – 66cm

Size 5 Footballs
Age Group: Under 15s & Up
Weight: 410 – 450g
Circumference: 68 – 70cm

It is essential to realise that a player has a greater chance of improving their close ball control when using the correct size ball. If in any doubt, use a smaller sized football. Look at some of the best players ability, they are as able to play with a tennis ball or orange as they are a proper sized football.